I have had Lene as my in-home personal trainer for nearly one year. Her workouts are not only challenging but she brings tons of variety every time. Additionally she is professional and a great motivator. 
Lene has especially adapted well to some medical challenges I have without causing further (or potential) injury yet putting me on the path of better health and meeting my fitness goals.  I have noticed a difference as have others! Toned, more energy, and creating new healthy habits. 
Best investment I have ever made. Wish I had started with Lene sooner!
Kristi H. Santiago, Chile
My experience of training with Lene was great.  I first decided to start training with her after a back injury.  I was very insecure of going back to CrossFit, but I liked very much her methodology because she planned very well the warmup and cool down every day.  She never used a generic warm up, but something specific for the  muscles we were going to use.  This definitely made a difference for my performance and overall health.  I kept training with her for over a year.  Initially, my objective was just to keep healthy.  With time, I realized I was probably in the best physical condition I ever had.  I just started improving in almost every aspect of my training by being very careful with the details, such as: technique, nutrition, resting time, warm up, cool down, team effort, etc.  She helped me visualize my training not only as exercise, but having a good balance in all aspects of my life. The greatest achievement I had under her training was to compete in CrossFit and a half ironment with only one month difference between both.  It was amazing to find a way to keep with two competitions that are so different and still have a very good performance in both.  
But the most important thing that I learned is to take my training as a much more holistic aspect of my life.  Now, I don´t just see the exercise, but everything I need to do to be better, physically and mentally.
Rodrigo Guzman
100% Recomendable! Muy profesional, especializada y al corriente de nuevas formas de entrenar de forma más eficiente y personalizada. Lene se preocupa de cubrir todos los aspectos que puedan influir en su programación así como evitar lesiones. Lo mejor de todo es que se adapta a horarios y lugares dando todas las facilidades para entrenar.
(100% Recommended! Very professional, specialized and current in new forms of training that are more efficient and personalized.  Lene is concerned with covering all aspects that can influence your programming, like avoiding injury.  The best of all is that she adapts the hours and places giving all of the facilities to train.)
Andrea Greene
Lene is an amazing coach!  She inspires me to do so much more than I ever thought I could, and has a great focus on overall wellness, exercise, and nutrition.  She is helping me reach my goals and set new ones!  Lene also worked with my teenage daughters and has a great rapport with teens.  
Katrina Ferreyra
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