Class Options

Questions or ready to set up your class?  Contact me!

Private classes to your home

Get fit from the comfort of your own home.  Functional training classes are available to your home in the La Dehesa, Vitacura and Las Condes area (subject to availability).  Classes are 22,000/hour.

Discounts available for group classes.

Private classes in my boutique gym

Enjoy a fully equipped gym designed to fit your functional training or CrossFit needs with the benefit of having the space all to yourself and an incredible golf course view!  We are located in las Condes.  Classes here are 19,000/hour.

Discounts available for group classes with a limit of 2 people/class.

Corporate group class options

I have nearly 3 years of experience working with corporate groups offering functional training and/or CrossFit classes.  What better way to break down barriers, build cohesion and give your team a break during the day so that they are more efficient and happy?

Virtual Coaching

Do our schedules not synch up to meet in person?  Not located within the training area?  Try out virtual coaching.  We meet via video chat and go through a class exactly the same way we would if it were a face-to-face experience!

Classes are $30 USD/Hour.


Remote Programming

Don’t have the time for virtual coaching?  That’s OK!  I offer remote programming.  Based on your goals and available time, you are given a daily training program that fits your needs (whether that is just getting into better shape or competing).

Remote programming is $150 USD/Month.

Military, police and fire discounts available.

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