Online Coaching

Interested in coaching, but don’t quite have the time or steady schedule to work with someone in your location?  I also offer online coaching.  Get coaching that is tailored to your schedule, your facility and your goals.  With experience working with a range including the military, triathletes, CrossFitters and stay-at-home moms, we can reach your goals together!

How does it work?

Personalized training

Contact me to set up an initial video call to discuss your schedule, available equipment and goals.  Once we have done that, we get started whenever you are ready!

Your programming will be sent to you the night before (for some mental preparation!).  Within the platform we use, you are able to enter results, notes and upload video for technique review.

Because this is an online program, the more communication we have, the better!  I am available via imessage, whatsapp, e-mail and phone!  Whenever you need to contact me, I will be there.

Standardized training

Don’t need personalized training, but still interested in getting a daily program?  This could be a great option for you!  In the standardized training, I provide a program that also offers options to scale the movements to fit your ability level.  There is truly something for everyone here!

In the standardized program, we offer options for CrossFit, Functional Training and Endurance/Conditioning.


Personalized training is $120 USD/month and standardized training is $50 USD/month.

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