Don’t be an idiot, rest.

“Sobrecarga”.  Overload.  Overtrain.

That is a word I have heard A LOT in the last 7 months.

Going into kiteboarding season in September, my schedule looked a lot like this:

Monday-Thursday: Coach CrossFit (Approximately 20-22 hours depending on the week)

M/T/W/F/S (and sometimes Thursday): Train CrossFit 09:30-12:30 (Except windy weekends where it became Monday-Thursday)

Friday-Sunday: Coach Kiteboarding (with as low as 8 hours on a bad weekend and as high as 24 on a really busy weekend).

Throw in Hockey on Monday evenings and Saturday afternoon and evening (Saturdays only on non-windy weekends) for good measure.

Throughout the week, sprinkle in…admin, commuting and life.

I knew that I was going into a kiteboarding season with a heavier load than ever before and that juggling everything would take a lot of effort on my part.

The first thing to go for me was Monday training.  After working all weekend in the cold water and doing a 2.5-3 hour drive each way, I was just too exhausted to keep it up.  Of course, I didn’t choose to take Monday off on my own.  I injured my back in December and took the cue from my body that I needed at least 1 rest day.

The next thing to go was Thursday training.  Thursday is the busiest day with a full 8 hours of coaching spread out throughout the day.  I still managed to do a few things, but wasn’t dedicating a full training session anymore on those days.  That meant that, by February, my training had gone down to 2.5 days a week on windy weekends.  I wasn’t even upset about it…just tired.

Finally, about 5 weeks ago, I hit my foot on a rock launching a kite for a student that weighed nearly 30 kg more than me.  I didn’t get launched, but I did get pulled a little (obviously).  It hurt, but I thought it was just a bruise.  In the first warmup for the first game of a hockey tournament in Argentina 2 weeks ago, it became very apparent that it wasn’t just a bruise.

Fast forward to now where it is still unclear if it is a fracture or not, but very clear that I can’t put any stress on the foot.

Did I mention that my nutrition plan has gone to shit?  I am not eating like garbage, but I am not nearly as lean as I was at the beginning of the season or even in December before the back injury.

Yesterday, I was discussing all of this with my partner.  I am super happy with how the kite season has gone (even though it is ending about 6 weeks early for me because of the injury and now an upcoming trip) and how well my athletes are doing with CrossFit and my performance playing hockey… but with my own training and physique, I am unmotivated and unhappy.  I am simply exhausted.  In talking about this, it became very apparent that I just didn’t rest enough.

From September-December, I didn’t rest… and when my body was telling me I needed it, I pushed on through until the last 2 weeks.

I tell my athletes all the time to listen to their body.  It is the best indicator for what is going on.  It will tell you, if you listen, what is going on and what you need.  I played into the classic case of do as I say and not as I do.

So, I’m training in a very limited way because of my foot, I’m not doing the CrossFit open, I’m not playing hockey and I’m not teaching the last few weeks of the season before my trip… and all of this is very much because I never built in rest days.  I never let myself stop.

For the next 6 weeks, I will relax.  I will go on a vacation for a month.  I will eat well (not a lot, not shit, but good and nutritious food).  I will stretch, a lot.  I will train when I feel like I WANT to train.  When the 6 weeks is over, I will get back into focusing on hitting the box and training hard each day and preparing again for the start of the kite season… but with a better plan to go through a long season and come out of it feeling good instead of beaten down.

Oh…and in case you missed the point…take your rest days!





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