A short update on kiteboarding in Chile, CrossFit and functional training coaching!

I realize that there have been some changes to this website, namely the url.  I changed from lenebaxter.com to http://www.coachingbylene.com.

I did this for a few reasons.  Mainly, I had several websites set up.  One was personal (lenebaxter.com), one for coaching CrossFit and functional training and one for coaching kiteboarding.  It was a lot and, at the end of the day, I’m spending the majority of my time coaching.  So, it made sense for me to combine everything into one.

I will still post about the things I used to post about (travel, lifestyle), but this site will be more focused on sports coaching in general with an emphasis on kiteboarding and fitness.

I’m still living in Santiago, Chile.  During the week, I coach CrossFit and functional training classes to private clients (with the exception being the group class at the Adidas Group Headquarters office).  On the windy weekends, I go to La Boca (near Matanzas) to coach Kiteboarding.


In the time that I am not coaching, I am a Master of Arts candidate for Sports Coaching, I play inline hockey a few times a week, go trekking in the Andes on non-windy weekends, LOVE checking out new movies and just enjoying life.

Subscribe to the blog if you want to stay updated on the content I will be putting out or contact me if you are interested in kiteboarding, CrossFit or functional training!

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