A bit of Sunday raw for you

It´s only recently that I´ve begun to kind of accept this notion of adulthood.  I don´t like it that much.  It´s like a bitter taste in my mouth…like a piece of food you have to chew too much where you aren´t sure to continue the effort or spit it out and say to hell with it.  Really, up until a year or two ago, I actually thought of myself as a kid still…someone in their early 20´s that is still forgiven for every manner of things.  Shit….  Now I´m 29.  Uff.

My boyfriend just turned 38.  Jesus.  I can´t imagine that in one hand and on the other, it doesn´t seem so far away.  I made him a kick ass breakfast and bought one of those magnetic dartboards with a bear on it and a colorful badminton set… because…you know, the inner kid fire needs to be fed.

Well, what´s my point here?  Yeah, I know this is completely different to my normal posts.  Sometimes you need something a bit more raw though.  My point is….

fuck it.  Age is a number.  It doesn´t matter if you are 10 or 100.  Live well.  Follow your dreams.  Treat yourself right.  If an opportunity comes your way, take it…who knows when that shit will come around again, if ever?

If there is one thing I learned early on and truly held onto is that you can not get time back.  You can make more money …and really, how much of it do you really need?  You can always get another job.  You can´t get time back.  It´s gone forever and who knows when that will run out for you..

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