Because you can never do enoug flying…

So, here I am in London Heathrow 1 day in to a 1.5 day journey from Santiago to Barcelona.  Truly it could have been half a day less, but that would have changed my ticket from London to Barcelona from 34 Euroes to over 200…  I’m not super cheap, but there really isn’t much arguing with that math for a 6 hour difference.  

I haven’t really had the opportunity to know much of Europe.  I have spent some time in Ireland during university and Spain a few times, but I wouldn’t say I “know” Europe.  

Miguel needed to travel to London for work in the first days of October and suggested I go ahead of him to visit some friends and travel around Europe a bit.

So, I will head first to Barcelona, then to Rome and Berlin.  After Berlin I will meet up with Miguel in London and, after he finishes the week of work, we will head to Belgium for a weekend before coming back home.  Truly the only downside I have to the trip is that Miguel can not join me the whole time.  

Traveling is definitely our thing.  We both love seeing new places and experiencing new things (and Miguel has an obsession with experiencing nice hotels).  So, it is definitely weird to take a trip without him.  In the past 2.5 years, we have seen Colombia, Argentina (2x together and another time apart), Thailand (twice…), Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Spain, US (doesn’t really count…) and now Europe.    It has been amazing traveling the world together.

I will try…key word being try…to catalogue the experience in this blog.  I feel truly lucky to have this experience and am happy to share it.  Stay posted! 

Sunrise leaving Santiago

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