A Brief Introduction to Our Trip to Thailand and Bali

On April 30, Miguel and I left Santiago, Chile, for an amazing trip.  In 25 days, we would visit 3 countries (4 if you want to count a layover in Doha!), take 13 flights covering around 49,862 kilometers (basically we could have covered the circumference of the earth and then some), around 130 hours traveling (only counting approximate time traveling to airports, being in airports and on airplanes…not counting countless hours on boats and cars and even motorbikes), 14 cities, 5 islands and an unmeasurable amount of time having fun, experiencing new countries and cultures and enjoying that beautiful gift we call life with each other.

During our trip, I wrote every evening (or morning, depending on how quickly I crashed at the end of the day).  I wrote about what we did, how we felt and people we met.  Not only did I want to share this experience (including some really amazing things to do and places to go), but I wanted to remember every bit of it.  I want to look back ten years from now and remember it as more than a passing memory of a place I went once.

So, every day starting tomorrow, I will post a day from our trip.  Every day a new adventure, a new place and amazing new memories.  I hope you enjoy reading it and hope it inspires you to go out and see the world if you aren’t already!


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