Stop and watch

One of the amazing things (and sometimes one of the worst things) about city life is the sheer amount of people. Riding the metro today, instead of reading the news, I just looked around. You can find every type here….young, old, businessmen and hippies, athletes and couch potatoes, happy people and those that seem bored or even worse…sad, people in a rush or, like me..simply wandering. Everyone has their own story…a past, present and future…it’s really humbling to think about. Just as I am almost constantly humbled by the power of the ocean, the unrelentless blow of the wind, the magnitude of the mountains or the tranquility of the forest…so am I sometimes humbled by humanity…it isn’t always good…people can and have done some really terrible things…but they are capable of such good…great things and that is what I chose to see today…common greatness

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