Why I Do It

A thousand times my body has told me to stop.  A thousand times, my inner voice has screamed out in objection…”Why?  Why are you doing this”?  In truth, I never had an answer.  Why should I push myself?  Why should I suffer?  When someone asks me why I do this or why I do that, I always say..”Well, because it’s fun.”  Let me tell you…a marathon or half marathon is not fun, killing yourself in a WOD is not fun, trying to learn something new in kiting is often not fun…all of these things involve levels of difficult, suffering and pain. So, again…why?

Yesterday I ran a 21K.  I’m not a good runner, I never have been.  This race I had set a training goal to be under 2 hours.  It was ambitious as my last 21K in November was 2:18 and change.  Three weeks before the race, I had an injury in my hip.  It was likely from overuse, but it caused me a lot of pain when I ran.  So, I took a break until race day to see if I would feel better.  If you are a runner, you know about the high.  I live for that feeling…when everything just drifts away and you feel fantastic.  There is no other feeling like it and I almost always get that feeling during a run.  Not yesterday.  Step after painful step, I never got the high.  My hip hurt, I got a horrible cramp in my glute early on that refused to leave and I just wasn’t feeling it.  A thousand times I told myself to walk and a thousand times my heart said “no”.

I finished the race running the whole time with a 2:04:56 finish time.  

I felt accomplishment.  I felt pride.  I had overcome an obstacle in front of me.

I have had my fair share of challenges in my life, including injuries.  On two separate occasions I had injuries serious enough that the doctors gave me incredibly low chances of ever making a full recovery and ever participating in sports.  Both times, I proved them wrong.  I still wake up every day and I still have pain…a constant reminder of old injuries.  Still, I have kept going.

Pushing myself to the limit, giving it my best every time in whatever I do is my own little victory.

Sometimes we have to suffer to see who we truly are.  I’m not competing against anyone but myself.  Will I be better today than I was yesterday?  Will I have the courage to do it?  The answer will always be yes, at the top of my lungs..”Yes”

Maraton de Santiago

Maraton de Santiago

One Comment on “Why I Do It

  1. Hell YES Lene —– why because I can —- if one has to ask why I do the things I do they wouldn’t understand —- even if I tried to explain it

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