Too Much Pain for CrossFit Gains?

This article does have a point: Doing Crossfit CAN cause injury… but so can snowboarding, kitesurfing, tennis, climbing…whatever you choose to do. I think the misconception here is that crossfit is the same thing as going to the gym. It’s not. I think it can properly be classified as a sport, more appropriately, perhaps the “sport of fitness”.

Like any sport, sacrificing your technique for the “win” can result in injury. The focus should always be on proper technique and then lifting more, lifting faster.

As a kitesurfing instructor, I went through a 5 day course. Five days, that’s it. What is more, that isn’t even required. There is no regulatory agency making sure I am certified before I teach. Even certified instructors make mistakes, aren’t qualified, etc. It is the same with Crossfit. Is 2 days for a certification enough? In my opinion, no. However, that is where the athlete as a consumer must make a smart decision. Visit the box (gym) you are interested in. Try an intro class. Meet the coaches. I have belonged to two boxes: one in Miami and now recently one in Santiago de Chile. The box in Chile has a month long into/fundamentals course and the coaches are incredibly concerned with technique.

At the end of the day, I think it comes down to personal responsibility. For the most part, be smart and you won’t get hurt. Feeling sore, is that soreness developing into an injury? Stop. Rest. A week or two or even a month won’t kill your physique if you take some time to heal up and recover.

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Too Much Pain for CrossFit Gains?
Photograph by Chris McPherson

When Andy Petranek discovered CrossFit in 2004, it was love at first sight. The high-impact interval workout gave him the results he’d thought were lost to his younger days. And then there was CrossFit’s extreme, take-no-prisoners ethos, which appealed to Petranek as a former Marine. In short order, he went from doing the workouts to competing in CrossFit events and opening his own CrossFit gym.

In 2009, at the age of 42, Petranek qualified for the international CrossFit Games, the Olympics of the sport. Determined to perform well, he doubled down on his training, working out twice a day, upping his max dead lift to 375 pounds and doing 53 pull-ups at a time. The tough regimen took its toll – tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, shoulder woes, knee pain, a persistent trick in his neck. When the event finally rolled around, all his aches and pains…

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