Safety Tips for High Intensity Interval Training

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Photo by Antwone Walters. View more of Antwone’s CrossFit photos on Facebook.

About the Author:

Tom Mathis is a local fitness enthusiast and certified CrossFit Instructor.

Unless you have been in a proverbial cave, you’ve likely heard all the positive rage concerning High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) type workouts. The increasingly popular sport of CrossFit is a form of HIIT. Circuit Training, which has been around for some time, may also be considered HIIT.

In general, HIIT focuses on hammering your body’s anaerobic and aerobic metabolic pathways in one workout. Studies have demonstrated HIIT is very effective at developing broad fitness (both strength and cardiovascular benefits) and maximizing fat burning with relatively short workouts ranging in time from 4 -20 mins. Arguably, the most popular studyassociated with high-intensity training was conducted by Professor Izumi Tabata and consequently, “Tabata Interval Training” has his namesake. The fact that a person can…

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