Five ways to boost aerobic endurance

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Boost aerobic endurance
Triathlon training and racing lasts more than a minute – several hours if you’re going long – which makes you an ‘aerobic athlete’. This means oxygen (O2) is a vital addition to existing fuel sources stashed around your body to help the process of movement.

While a VO2 test will accurately measure the maximum volume of oxygen that can be used by your body, there are many things you can do as an aerobic athlete to maximise your oxygen-processing system. Be careful with the intensity, though, just do two a week, maximum and allow for recovery.

Lose weight

Runners out trainingNever forget that you, the athlete, are the biggest piece of kit you’ll be carrying on race day. If fat loss is possible, and necessary, this will conserve considerable oxygen use across all sports, especially on a hilly bike course.

Less mass means run sections of triathlons will be faster (see issue…

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