A Normal Morning in My Life

Today is by every definition a completely normal morning.  As my activities are inherently defined by the weather (and more specifically, the comings and goings of the wind), today is a city day.  There is no wind on the coast and, having spent the last two days on the water, I am home for the next few days.

As I said, it is a completely normal morning.  I woke up to the alarm (kind of), a good morning and a kiss.  I begrudgingly got out of bed and made some protein shakes for breakfast.  We both had to go to the dentist this morning, so off we went (albeit running a little late, but that seems to be the norm here!).  Afterwards, I walked home as Miguel had finished his appointment and dashed off to work.

While we are still in summer, the days are getting cooler and this is more  poignant  in the mornings.  It’s a clear morning here in Santiago and walking home through the neighborhood of Las Condes gave me a special feeling this morning.  While you can most definitely say I am not a city girl (I prefer to be in a small group of people and to be outside whether it be a forest, mountain or the beach is always better), I enjoy our neighborhood.  It’s “quiet”.  While I can still hear the sound of cars driving by, construction on a new building or the chatter of people as I walk…there is plenty of green space, there aren’t that many cars and while there are people around, it isn’t overwhelming and almost everyone will greet you with a “hola” or “buenos dias” and a smile (especially if you make eye contact).

So, as I walked home today, I was overwhelmed with a sense of happiness.  It’s not the kind that makes you jump up and down, run down the street waving your arms laughing and screaming “yippee!!!”.  It’s the peaceful kind, the tranquil kind.  I am at a great place in my life.  I am with a partner who is perfect for me.  We may not have all of the same interests (he would rather stay in a hotel, I would rather camp and we compromise on something in between), but he provides a balance to my life I have never had before.  Professionally I am doing well with my new business and am also having the opportunity to explore other things.  I’m learning a new language (the other day, I was reading something and only after the first paragraph did I realize it was in spanish!).  I’m an expat…still..again..yet again…and I love it.   I’m healthy and fit (everyone can always be better, but I’m happy with my progress).  That famous short temper of mine has cooled (albeit not totally, I still have my moments).  I live in a place that, while not 20 minutes from the beach as I would like, literally has everything.  Beach? Surf? Kitesurf? Hike? White Water Rafting? Horseback Riding? Skiing/Snowboarding? Hot Springs? Climbing? Theater? Art? Within a 2 hour radius, I can be at the beach surfing or on the mountain snowboarding…that is pretty incredible (although it has taken me some time to truly appreciate that fact).  I think the past two days really showed me that (Sunday I was in a glacier fed lake in the Andes and yesterday I was in the Pacific Ocean).

I don’t have a special message or inspiring insight today, but  a feeling of tranquil happiness that I thought was at least worthy of sharing.  It feels like blue skies, fluffy animal shaped clouds, warm sun, green green grass with the distinct earthy smell, birds chirping…that amazing feeling you get sometimes when everything just falls into line on a pretty day…it’s floaty and wonderful.

If you’re reading this, I hope you can enjoy a day or morning or moment as great as I am having right now!

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