Thought for the day…being an expat

Here I am, walking to the metro… I just finished with my trainer and now it’s time to go run… As I go through my days, sometimes it’s hard to believe not only that I have been an expat for nearly a year (add 8 months to that if you want to count the time I lived in China), but that it feels so normal. I don’t miss living in the states for the most part…I miss some of the convenience of the consumer culture (knowing where you need to go to buy something saves a lot of time!), but not much more than that. As I slowly let go of any concrete ties to the states…getting rid of my Verizon account that I held onto even in China, selling my Jeep..I feel free. Not everyone is meant to be an expat, but or me…it just fits.

One Comment on “Thought for the day…being an expat

  1. Most people here in the US (I was one of them) do not understand we have the option to live in so many different places or cultures. Not until I traveled outside the US did I realize people are the same. We all want to love, be loved, have value, want the best for friends and family….If these are your core values its seems easier to adjust to another culture and to be accepted there as well. Good read Lene.

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