A random lunch in Santiago

When I first moved to this city, I was completely overwhelmed.  Everything here was different to me and at times I felt suffocated by the mass of people, cars, buildings…everything.  Well, let’s face it, sometimes I still feel that way, but not nearly as often.

Today I found myself near where Miguel works during lunch time (which, by the way, is around 2 here).  We had to do an errand together, but he needed to return to work…hence being on my own for lunch.  I usually grab a bite to eat at home during the day, but with a few weeks of spanish classes under my belt and the start of our summer, I was feeling a little more confident about conversing I decided to try one of the many restaurants in the area.

I found a sushi restaurant that looked nice enough…mostly because they had outdoor seating and was some distance set back from the busy road.  I settled into a table, ordered and caught up on some reading I had been doing about the “unconscious brain”.

During the hour or so that I sat there, I felt an affection for the city that I hadn’t felt before.  Lunch time is one of my favorite times here because everyone goes outside (I would too if I were stuck in an office all day).  People sit at restaurants and cafe’s, enjoying a lunch with friends or colleagues, others sit on benches soaking up the sun…you can catch the sound of a street musician or have a tarot card reading..  Unlike big cities in the US, if you make eye contact with someone and smile…they smile back…and they’ll even say hello!

There are certainly drawbacks to living anywhere really.  While Santiago is not perfect, it is growing on me in a way I didn’t really think possible.

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