Kites for Sale

Hey everyone!  I wouldn’t normally put this out there through my blog-but I am recycling my 2013 Best TS Quiver in anticipation of getting a 2014 quiver in the next few weeks.

If any of you are interested, I am selling my 12 meter, 9 meter and 6 meter TS.  They are in “like new” condition (absolutely great).

I am selling the 12 and 9 for $1100 and the 6 for $900.

The 52 cm bar that comes with the 12 has only been used a few times as I prefer a shorter bar.  My 48 cm bar has just had new lines put on it!

None of the kites have been crashed on the beach, been repaired, put away wet or sandy, left out in the sun when not in use or stored in areas with extreme heat/cold.  They have been taken care of very well and will continue to give you loads of time on the water!

I simply switch out my quiver every year, so who ever is interested in getting a “like new” quiver at a great price, shoot me an e-mail at

12 meter TS

12 meter TS

9 meter TS

9 meter TS

6 meter TS

6 meter TS



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