What Would You Like To Do If Money Were No Object?

I watched a video this morning…one I have seen before, but also one that uniquely speaks to me each time I watch it…

The theme of the video is what you would do if money were no object?

What is your passion?

Stop for a moment.  Right now, just stop what you are doing.  Close your eyes.  Breathe.  Think of the last time you were doing something that made you happy, something you were passionate about. Was it today?  Yesterday?  Last week?  Last year?  Can you remember?

I meet so many people who don’t have an answer when I ask them about happiness and passion and really living life.  Is this what it has come to..?  Are you simply making your way through?

I challenge you to watch this video and make a change, it’s never too late.

“Better to have a short life full of things you like doing than to have a long life spent in a miserable way”


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