Morning Insight


Do you ever come across something-whether it is a phrase/quote or a picture or a short video and it really speaks to you?  Maybe it even speaks to you in a way that it wasn’t exactly meant to?  This is what happened to me this morning…going through facebook prepping for a training run!

As many of you know, I have recently (well…it has been over two months..I guess not so recent..) moved to Santiago, Chile.  I had been living and working in Aruba teaching at a kiteboarding school when I met my now boyfriend (Miguel)…well, two months later with a huge leap of faith, here I was (It’s a story worth sharing, perhaps in a later post)!

I moved here because I fell in love, but that didn’t change anything about my professional goals…I still wanted to open a kiteboarding school…I still wanted to live a life that I could be proud of.

Let me share a quick story that will help the rest of this insight make more sense about me..  I had visited Santiago a month before I moved here.  During that time, I thought that perhaps teaching full time would be impossible before I learned Spanish fluently (or at least close).  So, I visited some English schools, made connections and “paved the way” so to speak for my return a month later.  I had an interview set up for an English school a week after I officially moved here.  In  true Lene procrastination, I waited until the day before the interview to decide that my holey, washed out jeans, sun bleached T-Shirt and flip flops were probably not appropriate for an interview.  So, Miguel and I went to the mall to go on a search.  We went to…so many stores trying to find something with no luck.  We finally found a department store with a few things and went off to the dressing room.  I finally..FINALLY found dress pants and a button up shirt that were decent when Miguel said, “and now a jacket”.  I don’t remember exactly what happened after that, but it involved a brief panic attack about money, expressing that I didn’t want to work in an office, that it wasn’t me and a little bit of crying inside the dressing room.  Well, items purchased and Starbucks was our next stop.  There, Miguel told me that if that wasn’t me, I didn’t need to do it..and why on earth was I stressing out…enjoy this…enjoy Chile and don’t worry.  Our conversation went on longer, but that was the basics of it…  For a brief moment, I forgot something really vital…and I think I do this more often that I like…

…We get so busy “making the living” that we never “make a life”.  I’ve even done it with kitesurfing…when we get so caught up in having to make money (because, let’s face it, pay for instructors isn’t great) that we forget sometimes to just relax..have fun..enjoy life.

It could be easy for me to have moved to a city and said…well…it is simply too difficult to start the kind of business I want here.  I’m not sure if what I’m doing will succeed, I think in every business there is a chance that it won’t.  And yes, it would be so much easier maybe making a living somewhere else…but I wouldn’t be making a life.

The part of this picture that spoke to me that wasn’t directly related to what it wanted to convey was…living your passion and going after your dreams…  These are things that, to me, truly mean making a life for yourself.  I say this a lot but, “If it was easy, everybody would be doing it”.  I have a lot of obstacles in front of me…new country, new language, new spots, finding clients, creating a presence…even learning how to drive a manual car!  I could either say, well…it just won’t work out, it’s too hard.  Or…I could drive on, accept that it will be hard and keep trying..

If I fail, well…at least I tried and I can be satisfied knowing that I truly gave it everything I had.  If I succeed, well…then I will know the sweet taste of a hard fought victory…  I’m OK with either because both options mean living..and living with passion.

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