Kiteboarding Spot Guide: Fripp Island, South Carolina

If you are lucky enough to get a pass onto Fripp Island (residents, guests and renters only), then don’t pass up the chance to kite here.

The ocean side is nothing special-except that on a windy day you are likely the only person out on the water.  The only thing you will likely have to avoid are people playing in the shore break by the beach club.  If you move away from the club towards the north end of the island, then you are rewarded with fewer people and a flat spot that sets up nicely at low tide.  Like many places in this area with a large tidal change, the current can be quite strong, so timing is crucial.

What is really special about Fripp is the tidal pond located near the beach club.  It is only about 100 feet wide and 250 feet long.  I rode here in a side on-shore wind, but it really limited my space.  It is best to ride this in a straight onshore wind (All wind directions are rideable at Fripp except westerlies).  It is shallow with a muddy bottom.  Despite the sea grass, there are no oyster beds like you would usually find in this region.  There are poles that are placed at regular intervals-don’t crash your kite and don’t mess up here.  With all of that, you are rewarded with a butter flat riding area and for sure some spectators.  You can’t go crazy riding here, but it is a truly unique little spot.

Here is a short video, some shaking entered into the video when I uploaded it onto youtube, not sure why..

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