Kiteboarding Spot Guide: Boca Grandi, Aruba

Boca Grandi

Boca Grandi

If the offshore, gusty winds in Palm Beach (also known as the High Rise district…even less conducive to offshore conditions) make kiteboarding in Aruba a less than desirable experience, then Boca Grandi more than makes up for it.

View from the Ocean

View from the Ocean

Located on the other side of the island, Boca Grandi provides a spot with onshore wind that is a refreshing change from Palm Beach.  Arriving to Boca Grandi involved a “long” drive (30 minutes) in which you end up on a dirt road with the ocean in front of you, cliffs (and the prison actually) behind you and wild donkeys and goats roaming about.  If your vehicle doesn’t have 4 wheel drive, park before the sand and walk up.  It is too loose to drive on…trust me, I tried and we ended up pushing my little jeep (not really a jeep, a Jimmy) back to harder sand.

There is an old kite shack at the spot that has literally been assembled over the years from driftwood and trash.  It’s a great spot to drop your gear and to hang out when you take a break.  Don’t set up in front of the shack, but off to the left as you face the ocean to save space.

Kite Shack

Kite Shack

If you are facing the ocean, there is a good entry point for people away from the break off to the left.  There is no shore break there and it is right before the reef, so you still have a sandy place to start out.  To the right, there is a deep reef that goes from 10-15 feet.  Be careful though, the reef does get quite shallow the farther you go…  Even if you prefer flat water, this spot is worth visiting.  The waves set up nicely, although they weren’t very large the day I was there.  The best

Setting up

Setting up

thing (to someone who is used to kiting in the murky waters of the Atlantic) is the clarity of the water.  It truly was like kiteboarding in an aquarium.  I could see the reef below me the entire time-it was a great experience.

If you go to Aruba, rent a car and check out this spot.  You can check the wind on WindAlert, but it is windy 90% of the time there, so you likely won’t get skunked!

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