Kiteboarding Gear Review: Neil Pryde Golf Travel Bag

In the world of traveling with your kiteboarding kit, a “golf” bag is the only real solution.  Having traveled with Dakine board bags in the past, it is a 50/50 shot that you can convince them to let you through without a big oversized baggage charge.

Upon first receiving the Neil Pryde bag, I was impressed first by it’s quality.  One thing I am worried about when traveling is my boards getting damaged.  I didn’t have anything to worry about as the bag is padded all the way around!

I traveled recently with this bag with 3 kites/bars, 2 boards, 2 harnesses and pumps.  Looking at the bag, I was doubtful if I could fit it all in.  I am used to traveling with my Mystic Golf Bag which is a bit more spacious.  Not only was I able to fit everything in, but I wasn’t overweight.  I owe that fact completely to Neil Pryde for making a bag that is durable, but still light.

Compared to other bags on the market, this bag has a higher retail price, but the quality makes up for it.

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