One Happy Student

I just received an e-mail from a former student of mine. It is great to hear things like this and thought I would share! I have, of course, left out the name.

Here it is:

Hey Lene! Hope everything is going well for you, dont know where you are in your worldly travels but I’m sure you are having a blast, and hope you’re still teaching kiting. Wanted to let you know that your teachings are paying off for me…I bought the gear a few months ago, and have been kiting a few times this year. Last weekend I went with some friends to the outer banks and kited the Salvo and Planet of the Apes downwinders which were awesome. We then took one of the guy’s boats to a beach on a barrier island, launched the kites from there, and then kited through the marshes around some of the islands, really cool to say the least. So I got a little spoiled on really my first kite boarding trip. It was good to go with all of them, they’ve been kiting for 7 years or so, so they are all real good and were able to help me out and push me. Anyway just wanted to fill you in on my progress and say hey and hope everything is going well. Let me know if youre ever in Charleston…lots of good places to kite here and downwinders to do. Keep in touch.

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