Just Another Fantastic Day…

Normally I wouldn’t write to simply catalogue a day, but today was so great for me that I simply had to share it..remember it…

Monday..most of you dread Monday I suppose?  Back to the grind?  Fortunately, I have Sundays and Mondays off from Kiteboarding (well, it doesn’t make a difference..I love what I am doing)!  This morning I was set to train for Rancho Notorious here as a trail guide.

My day started around 7.  Now that I am getting settled, I am starting to go back to my normal “food” routine (old fashioned oatmeal with fruit and honey, yum!).  At 8, I walked 3 feet out of my door and I was at work (we live right on the ranch..it is amazing, except for the mosquitoes, which somehow manage to follow me in the house).  Another guide, Dana (really cool girl from Alaska) was set to train me on some of the routes today.  While she left, I tacked up the horses.  I was riding Calypso, Dana was on Pamela and our guest had Jesse James (Love the names!).  I can’t express how hot it was outside!  Simply tacking the horses and I was dripping in sweat!  Our trail went down towards the hotels and then out onto the beach.  It was relaxing and an easy route to learn (I say that…but now I will likely forget it!).  Once we were back and took care of the horses and took the guest back to the hotel, Barbara had us tack two more and go out on another route in the countryside.  I got to ride a 4 year old (Juanes).  He was a lot of fun to ride!  He was a little goofy still..but only because he is young.  The countryside is beautiful and we went down towards the coast, to a small lookout and then back to the barn.


While I enjoy my time on the beach immensely, being able to spend time with the horses really evens me out.  I had missed it while in Miami and am very grateful to have this opportunity here!

After that, I spent some time in my flat talking with friends back home and abroad-it is very nice to have internet and skype!

Errands…errands…I hate errands!  I was in desperate need of a watch and everyone has been talking about a surf shop in town called Bula.  So, off to the bus stop…  I am “directionally challenged”, so I get intimidated when going somewhere new.  Regardless, the bus trip was uneventful.  Everyone here is so friendly!  I talked to two “local” guys working here from France.  They were helpful and pointed out the different areas as we drove.  My time in Bula was quick.  I needed to get back to Palm Beach to do grocery shopping.  So, in less than 20 minutes, I was back at the bus station.  While waiting in line for the bus, a Columbian group asked if they could take a picture with me…strange..but I just said OK..  Despite the weird request, we all ended up sitting together on the bus back to the high rise district and I had a great opportunity to practice my spanish (getting much better)!  This is the part of traveling that I love-always meeting people!

My last (well, not last…but I decided it would be…a phone will wait until tomorrow) task was grocery shopping.  Riding my bike to the store was fairly easy.  Riding back with about a week’s worth of groceries…this was not fun.  Although, I feel like I really earned my right to eat the food I bought!


Overall, it was a very simple..but great day.  I am so lucky that I live a life like this..

Thanks for reading!

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