Road to Recovery: Final Entry

It has been 5 months and one week since I injured my foot and the recovery has been slow, but still faster than expected.  When I initially was injured, “6 months to 8 months” for a recovery was what I was told.  Now, at a little over 5 months, I am not 100% but close to it.

KIteboarding in Playa del Carmen

Kiteboarding in Playa del Carmen

I can now kiteboard, wakeboard, run and workout.  I can move my foot up and down and about 50% of my flexibility is back side to side.  I still have pain, but it isn’t constant and I feel it getting better every day.

It has been a long path and I, again, want to thank everyone who has supported me through this time.  Dr. J-What can I say, you made me better!  Thanks for taking good care of me.  Michi-you were my rock.  You took care of me in every way and made sure I kept up my spirits.  It would have been a much worse experience without you, but somehow you made it almost positive!  David Green-you patiently took all of my calls and requests to call my doctor and always gave sound advice.  You helped take away a lot of anxiety and helped things get moving faster, which I am sure contributed to my recovery.  Amanda-you were great!  That care package right after I got hurt was amazing.  You were always ready with an encouraging word.  Jeanne-You never forgot about me and our lunch dates to make sure I actually left the house were something I looked forward to immensely!  Ryan-What is a kiteboarding instructor who can’t work..?  A very poor one.  You helped me out a lot by hiring me for the website and I can’t be more grateful.  I not only made it through that tough financial time, but now I can continue to work for you and be involved in the community in a different way than I was before!

I am sure I forgot people, but know that any kind word or message was amazing during this time.  Thanks again and I’ll see you all out on the water!

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