The Road to Recovery: Aircast

Today marks exactly four weeks since my talus dislocation…  It has been both a quick and very, very long four weeks.  The injury has caused me to slow down and really look at what I am doing.  In some ways, it was good.  I have branched out and taken on additional things that I can continue when I return to teaching (and can help me in the background if something like this ever happens again-thanks to Ryan and “Winter Solstice”:) ).  I may not have done those things had I not been injured.

I have gone from not being able to even move around the house without difficulty to even teaching a kiteboarding lesson (albeit from the confines of a jet ski-thanks to Justin for being patient with me!).  Today, I went back to the doctor for x-rays and to get my hard cast removed.  The x-rays looked good and I am on the road to making a full recovery.  I will have an air cast for another 6 weeks (it reminds me of a robotic foot!).  I am still non-weight bearing for a week and then I start to wean myself off of crutches.  While it is humbling to know that I still have a ways to go, I was able to move my foot a little today and that gave me a lot of hope, relief and happiness.  With any luck, I will be back on the water teaching by the beginning of December and won’t need any physical therapy.

Things like this have a way of making you appreciate the simple things in life and realize how lucky you are to be healthy.  I am truly happy that this injury has turned into something positive in my life, even if it isn’t so fun to go through it right now.

I am so thankful for everyone in my life that has been there for me (especially Michi, he has been my rock, taking care of me so well through all of this).  It is when you hit the bottom, when you have hard times, that you see who your true friends are (what an eye opener!)-so thank you Jeanne, Mason, Amanda, Justin, Zach, Dave, Brandon, Ayyoub, you guys have been awesome friends and really helped me out through this through your kind words, help and visits (I apologize if I forgot anyone, everyone who has contacted me has been amazing).
I will keep everyone updated as I progress, I think at this point I will videotape my first step without the crutches!


4 Comments on “The Road to Recovery: Aircast

  1. Was up lene,
    Glad to hear you are getting better. Hope you have a speedy recovery and everything goes well. For me the wind is blowing with the smell of oppertunity if you know what i mean. My time here is almost done and starting a new journey. Well have a good day and hope you get well soon


  2. German phrase: “Wohlstand schafft Freunde, Not prüft sie” means in good times you have many friends, in bad times you will see who is a real friend. Good luck and hopefully see you soon on the board again.

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