A Sunset Teaching Session

I taught a lesson in the evening last night under such beautiful conditions that I felt I just needed to share it…

The wind did not come until the early evening, and so my lesson did not start until nearly 6.  My student was Dawson and I had previously been teaching him along with two of his friends in a group lesson.  While all three of them were at the same level and very similar capabilities to pick up the sport, we had decided to try to break the group up at this point for the sake of quicker progression.


This was the first time I had been able to give such undivided attention to this student and it was a great lesson (while I do enjoy teaching groups, nothing can beat the experience of teaching someone one-on-one, the relationship between instructor and student develops much better).  It was low tide, so the sandbars were out and the water was “butter flat”.  The sun was starting to set low into the horizon, sending out a beautiful sunset.  There were some high level clouds there that reflected the oranges, reds and…towards the end some purples!  This summer has been cool at night, but last night the wind was warm…taking the edge off of the cooler water.  In all of this beauty, I was able to coach Dawson through his first experiences riding the board! In keeping with his previous performance in lessons, he did great!  He was able to to ride short distances in the end and started to look really good by the time we were finished!

Dawson getting ready for another run


It was a great night and, though I didn’t get a chance to ride myself, it was fantastic being able to share that culminating experience with my student on such a beautiful evening!

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