Lululemon Run: Speed Short Product Review

Recently, a Lululemon showroom opened here in Savannah.  If you aren’t familiar with the brand, it is a sports apparel company focusing mainly on yoga and running specific apparel.  Since opening in Savannah, the showroom has sponsored free yoga, a running club and been involved in everything from crossfit to climbing in the city.

One of the educators for Lululemon passed along a pair of Speed Shorts to me to try out, not only when running, but in my other athletic endeavors.  Like any good performance short, they boast the four way stretch, moisture wicking material, drawstring, zipper in the back for keys or gels and what they call a “luxtreme” waistband.  So, now that you know the key components of the shorts, let me tell you about my experience…

My new speed shorts

In the course of a typical week in my training, I have been running, climbing, worked on box jumps and a little bit of daily yoga.  First of all, the shorts are very lightweight and they have a liner.  This is a lifesaver in Savannah where the heat can be stifling.  I felt a big difference in the weight and breathability of these shorts compared to my other running shorts.  On the sides of the shorts, there is a split.  I found this to be beneficial when climbing and doing box jumps.  Often, with my other shorts, I would feel some resistance because there was no split (and when there was, it wasn’t significant enough).  This is important because, while I love running, I do a lot of cross training and I believe my gear should be versatile.  The waistband in these shorts earns its “luxtreme” designation-it is soft and very comfortable.  I don’t notice that I am wearing these shorts, which is the key point.  They move so fluidly with me, that I never have to think about them.  When I am out training, I want my focus to be on what I am doing, not on what I am wearing.

Overall, I would have to give these shorts a top rating.  They fulfill the best of functionality, versatility and performance that athletes look for in sports apparel.  I am happy I have had an opportunity to try out some of the Lululemon gear and would recommend trying out their apparel!  If you are looking for the showroom or want to check out some of their activities, they run a facebook page for the local showroom.


Thanks for reading, now go train!

Versatility of the speed shorts


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