An Interview with Talin Bolen

The other day, I sat down with Talin Bolen to talk about his photography.  Though relatively new to the kiteboarding scene, he has become a welcome and familiar face.  I hope you enjoy reading about this talented, up and coming photographer!!!

Me: So, where are you from?

Talin: West Palm Beach, FL

Me: Nice!  What brought you from Florida to Tybee Island?

Talin: Well, when I was 19, my parents moved here since the job market down south had taken a turn for the worse.  After 19 years of living in south Floria, I thought I’d move a state up with them and see how it was.

Me: What have you been doing since?

Talin: Well, basically as soon as I got here I got a job at a restaurant food running.  Ever since, I’ve been working in different kitchens on Tybee and have moved my way up to kitchen manager of the Tybee Island Social Club.

Me: So where does photography fall into the equation?

Talin: I have always been into filming and editing.  I started filming skate videos when I was about 14 and that was pretty fun.  I got to go to places I never thought I would see just to film skateboarding.  But once I got older, I kinda just stopped.  It was mainly due to injuries from skating myself and along with everyone I skated with just kind of going their own way.  Once I moved to Georgia, I didn’t film anything for about 2 years.  When I got away from everything and was able to get back to my roots, I looked into getting a video camera.  I realized that since I had been out of the game, DSLR’s had really taken the lead as far as video recording.  So, I bought a Canon T2i.  When I got it I started playing with it and realized that I actually really enjoy photography.  Now it’s basically all I do-work and take photos.

I love being able to capture a single image that someone remembers, especially action sports.  Portrait photography is all well and good, but shooting action sports, like kiteboarding, gives you the chance to capture a moment of someone at their greatest…not smiling for a camera with a backdrop and flashes everywhere, but doing what they do…not for the camera or anyone

else, but for themselves.  When someone is 15 feet in the air doing a kite loop, there isn’t time for them to worry about how they look on camera.  You get pure images of what life really is-you doing you.

Me: Do you have a specific moment, a specific shot really that sticks out to you?  Or maybe even certain types of shots you really like?

Talin: As far as kiting, or just photography in general?

Me: Both

Talin: Kiting..I’d have to say my favorite shots are anything involving a handle pass.  When you get that shot right as their back is to the kite…nothing beats that.

My secret pleasure, photography wise, is slow exposures of water.  It blows my mind everytime I see one, especially if its of a rocky shoreline or waterfall.

Long Exposure of water at Tybee Pier









Me: Have you traveled to take kiting shots or is most of your work from Tybee?

Talin: Last year, I got to go down to Crandon Park, Miami, which was sick!  Next month, I’ll be going to Hattaras for a week strictly to shoot which I’m super hyped about and can’t wait to go, but, yeah, mostly everything else is Tybee.

Me: How would you describe your work as a whole…your artists statement so to speak?

John Mapel

Talin: Basically, my work as a photographer is best described as catching ideas in motion.  A kiter wakes up and thinks, ‘I want to do this trick today’.  They have the idea, and what I do is capture the moment when they put this idea into motion.  So, they can sit down and look at what I would call the power of their brain!  In some cases, I can help them perfect that idea.  I give them a way to always be able to look back an be proud of what they can do, what at some point, they thought they could never do.

Me: Have we seen any of those moments anywhere? 

Talin: Well, the Kiteboarder and Kiteboarding magazine have each published a photo of mine.  The best place to find my work would probably be  Shinn has been great to me as far as showing my work.  If you flip through the photos on their site, you will definitely come across a few shots of mine.

Me: What’s next for you Talin?  Any plans to expand into other action sports?

Talin: Possibly.  You never know what opportunities are around the corner.  I wouldn’t mind doing some shots of auto racing or motorcycle racing.

Me: Any plans of making this your career?

Talin: That’s the goal.  I know it’s gonna take a lot of work, but I’m up for the challenge.

Me: Any words of wisdom for other aspiring photographers?

Talin: I’d say, whatever you do, learn every piece of information you can.  Look at other people’s work, talk to photographers, never be embarrassed about being that person with the huge camera in the middle of a crowd, and most important of all..shoot Canon!

Jack Binder

Lene Baxter

Talin: Mainly on my facebook page.  I’m still working on a website, but you can also find me on

Me: Great!  Well, that wraps it up.  Thanks for sitting down with me, Talin!

Talin: No problem at all.

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