Slingshot 2012 Fuel Review

For the past year, I have been flying the Slingshot Fuels.  It took me a little while to warm up to this kite, but for anyone who has gotten a chance to fly the Fuel (or any C Kite for that matter), it is a totally different feel than other kites.  The Fuel comes in 13m, 11m, 9m, 7m, and 5m and is truly an amazing freestyle kite.

If you are looking for a kite with light bar pressure, then this isn’t for you.  If you like the direct feel of knowing exactly where the kite is at, the Fuel will really shine for you!  This kite is responsive and quick (even my 13 is quicker than the normal sluggish feel you get out of bigger kites). The rider just needs to commit with this kite.  If you are inexperienced or a timid kiter, you won’t get the performance out of it.

Lene on the Fuel

It really excels in it’s stability.  You won’t get a lot of flutter in the canopy in the gusts and lulls and it will sit exactly where you put it in the wind window.  Where this kite really excels is when you unhook.  It provides a lot of pop for the rider.

You lose the range when you switch over to the Fuels.  While you may be able to complete your quiver with 2-3 kites on other kites, you will likely notice gaps in your quiver if you don’t have all of the sizes.  With that being said, the more time you spend on the kite, the more range you will get out of it.  Controlling the power in this kite comes more from precision with the kite’s position in the wind window and your board control as opposed to simply pushing out on the bar.

Overall, if you are looking for a freestyle kite, this is definitely a kite to demo and see what you think.


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