Trust me on the Sunscreen

Remember that song..well..spoken song back in the 90’s that started and ended with him telling you to wear sunscreen?  Well, I thought I would revive it and share it for a few reasons…
The first reason is that it does have some really amazing advice, timeless and true.

The second is that if you are outside, especially on the beach, you really should wear sunscreen.  I grew up in south Florida and we didn’t put on sunscreen.  Why should we, we wanted to be super tan, right?  I can remember my grandmother putting on baby oil and getting so dark it was ridiculous.  Looking at pictures of myself from then, I was darker as a child than I ever had any right to be.

Becoming a kiteboarding instructor and working on the beach began to change my perspective on things.  I was very relaxed about it at first, but the longer I was on the beach, the more I realized I was damaging my skin (in addition to some close friends who were a little aggressive about their sunscreen opinions!).  Now, when I step out onto the beach, I am covered in sunscreen.  If I am going to be out there all day, I have zinca on my face (blue is a particular favorite of mine!).  I wear a hat, rashguard and shorts.  A tan simply isn’t worth damaging your skin (besides, hopefully I live a long time).  So, if you are a beach baby, kiting fanatic, surfer or hardcore paddler, do yourself a favor and make sure you invest in good sunscreen.  I know we all get relaxed about it and forget sometimes…but this is your not so gentle reminder from one sandy kid to the next!

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