Life is an Experience

Yesterday evening and this morning were so incredible, that I felt like I needed to share my experience.

I went kiteboarding yesterday for a sunset session.  It was gusty, cold, high tide and onshore in the spot I went to.  I would not have normally gone kiting in those conditions, but a friend wanted to go out, so I of course said “Yes!”.  I am so happy that I did…

I decided to stay pretty close to the shore because of the way the waves were breaking.  I was able to ride in the shallow water as the waves broke and rolled into shore.  As I rode along the beach, the sun was setting and casting an orange glow over the buildings and reflecting off of the water.  I enjoyed the feeling of just riding.  I wasn’t worrying about training the next trick I was learning, or getting in the line up for the photographer or anything else that is usually on my mind…I was just having fun, enjoying the beauty of the sunset and the sound of the waves and wind.  I ended my session to the light of the full moon and a wind that continued to blow.

This morning, I was still feeling the “high” of the previous night’s ride when I went for a swim workout and then a run around Forsyth Park.  I normally hate running.  Not only have I never been a talented runner, but it now hurts my neck and makes me dizzy as a result of the head injuries I have had in the past.  Today, Mike told me to take it easy and do the first few miles at my pace (which was amazing!).  I am normally trying to keep up with him and it makes the run quite stressful mentally and physically.  So, I changed my Pandora station to “The Lazy Song” (great station) and we were off!  

If you have never been in Savannah in the spring time, you owe yourself a trip.  The park is beautiful right now.  In addition to the large oak trees with the hanging spanish moss and palm trees, all of the plants are blooming with flowers that are red, pink, white and orange.  The park is always busy, but it takes on a different feel in the spring and summer.  I enjoyed just running, looking around me at the beauty of the park and the surrounding historic Victorian homes that line the outside of the park.  At one point, Mike cautioned me to not exert myself too much because we had another mile and a half to go.  I could only respond with…”I’m happy!”..with which he promptly responded “It’s the endorphins!”.

I train hard and I train nearly every day.  It is stressful sometimes, especially with the dizziness and neck pain that I so often get.  It isn’t always easy and sometimes it isn’t very enjoyable.  I do it because of days like this…because often I do feel amazing!  I train…I am more relaxed and then I take the time to look around and appreciate the world around me.

Every day is an experience…every moment is a gift.

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