Week 4

Strength Training Week 4

Cardio Week 4

Riding the track

Well, I really have to be honest about this past week…it just didn’t seem to come together for us.  A combination of renovation on the shop, getting a little sick and having lessons scheduled on Thursday and Friday through me a curveball.  I ended up having my traditional workouts Monday-Wednesday only.

Despite not really getting to follow the plan quite as I had liked, I was happy with the beginning of the week and walked away with some lessons.  As we get into our “season” when the south winds and the tourists both return, time management is going to be key for us in our training.  This essentially means having a concrete plan a week ahead of time and most likely 5 am wake ups.

Wednesday was a special workout for us as we went out to the racetrack across the river by the Westin (I think it is technically South Carolina, but they call it Savannah).  This is a 2 mile track that is no longer in use.  It has a number of turns and a slight incline to it that make it great for speed training!  We had a lot of fun going out there, but it was pretty experimental for us.  The next time we go out, we will definitely have a better plan.  Also, my phone app (mapmyride) wasn’t cooperating with me due to the poor reception!  We felt really good and kept increasing our times, which was very exciting for us.

Stretching between intervals

Next week will also be a difficult one.  The shop is still being worked on and we have lessons coming in.  Hopefully, by week 5, things will have calmed down a little and we can settle into a more normal routine!

Overall, I am feeling great and excited about this new venture!!!

What I ate…

By now, anyone who has been reading this can tell I am a creature of habit.  Breakfasts and lunches were the same.  For dinner, I made a Vegan dish with quinoa, kale, red peppers and mushrooms (check out that recipe and more at the Fit Flexitarian website).  It was amazing (although my meat eating boyfriend did not appreciate it so much).

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