Week 3

I am trying out a new format for both logging and posting this workout to the blog!

Week 3 Weight Training

Week 3 cardio

We focused more on getting stronger this week, where last week we were focusing on endurance.  I felt great!  On the bike, instead of feeling tired, I felt really powered!  Although the lifts were fairly exhausting, I was increasing reps and weight (still having an issue with getting dizzy, but I am just careful when walking around right after a set).  The swim on Friday was daunting at first.  The pool is set up in 100 meter lanes instead of 50 on Friday/Saturday.  We decided to just swim 45 minutes straight for our endurance workout and see how far we could go…  It was fantastic!  I swam the entire time with the exception of grabbing a quick drink of water from my bottle at the side twice.  I could really feel the benefits of working on technique and felt like I was starting to get down my three stroke rhythm.

Next week will be a little difficult to get as many hours in as we are expanding the shop (can we say painting and moving?).  We will be focusing a little more on running as we prepare for a 5K race coming up in March.

What I Ate:

While I had planned on meticulously recording everything I ate this week…I failed.  I have always been really bad at recording my eating habits.  Like last week though, I can provide a pretty good overview (I don’t have a very exciting diet!).

Breakfast:  I don’t vary much here!  I ate two soft boiled eggs each day with 2 pieces of toast.  Half of the week was with peanut butter and honey on the toast and half was pineapple preserves (I ran out of peanut butter).  On Friday, I was equipped with free range eggs (courtesy of the Paddison family) and organic peanut butter (from Brighter Day).  I did drink coffee once (GASP!).  In my own defense…I only drank half of a cup and a quarter of the cup was filled with non-homogenized organic milk.

Lunch: I cooked potatoes with carrots, mushroom, olives, feta cheese, garlic and hummus for the week (lunch and dinner).  I ate a wrap with this half of the week (until I ran out), one day just a small serving of the potatoes and one day on rye bread.  All of the servings had arugula.  I did also make a half sandwich one day with hummus, cucumber, arugula and swiss cheese on rye bread.

Snack: I decided to mix this up a little by trying a few different bars and seeing which ones I liked!  I tried the Cliff Mojo Bars, Luna and Builder bars.  The Mojo bar doesn’t provide any energy and leaves me feeling hungry in the middle of the workout.  The Luna bar was a little better, but still wasn’t enough for the 3 hours of exercising.  The Builder bar provided enough sustenance to keep me going.  I do think the gels would be a better mid-workout power boost, but they are a little too expensive for use on a daily basis.  In addition to those, I ate two oranges every day for snacks to keep me from getting hungry.

Dinner: This week, dinner was very similar to lunch.  I hate cooking for one, so when I am by myself for the week, I tend to just cook one meal and be done with it until I finish all of it!

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