Original Pintail 40

The Original Pintail is (simply put) a really fun board to ride.  When I purchased my pintail 40, I had already had a chance to get a good amount of time in on the demo at All Out Kiteboarding with the stock wheels.  So, I immediately bought Abec 11 wheels to put on the board.

Out for a ride

Savannah is flat…really flat…the only “hill” is in a parking garage downtown.  I didn’t buy the board for bombing hills though, and truthfully, the Pintail 43 with its 9 ply deck is probably better suited for that!

What caught my  on the board is “the look”.  If you want a longboard, but aren’t necessarily interested in the crazy graphics that come on some of the more popular brands, then Original is definitely for you.  It’s all very mellow and definitely appeals to the waterman (or woman) in you.

Original Pintail 40

The spring loaded trucks give the board a nice carving feel when you are riding it.  I found that I could make the sharp turns that I sometimes needed when riding the board in downtown Savannah.  The wider wheels allowed me to go over the cobblestone or bumps in the road without too much difficulty (but cobblestone is crap to ride over regardless of what you are on!).

I think this board can appeal to a wide audience, it isn’t limited to the beginner and advanced riders also have a lot of fun on it!  With the trucks and narrower deck, beginners can sometimes feel a little more off balance than they would on a wider board (but this sensation quickly disappears with just a little bit of time on the board).

This isn’t a super detailed or technical review because it doesn’t really need to be.  If you are a competitive longboarder, then maybe it isn’t the board for you.  For everyone else, you are missing out if you don’t give this board a ride!!!

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