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I thought that the week went really well.  Mike and I pushed ourselves really hard every day and we were especially happy with our improvement on the swim workouts.

With that being said, we are going to try to be a little smarter with some of the workouts next week.  We have been doing a lot of endurance with our swims, but we want to have a better mix of speed and endurance workouts.  We would like to incorporate the same thing into our lifts.  For kiteboarding, it is important that we have a lot of explosive power.  For teaching, we need a lot of endurance (we also have a triathlon we are thinking about doing in May).

My body is pretty tired.  Friday was the most tired I have been.  I had been going to the gym and workout out before we started this, but the incorporation of these different workouts is more difficult.  As a result, my time and speed went down on our ride out to Tybee on Friday, but I expect this to get easier as we make the ride more often.

One of you have asked me to record what I ate this week.  I have always had a really hard time doing that, so I will be really general about this week and try to be more conscious of it next week!

Breakfast: This is always the same for me, I am very much a creature of habit!  I eat 2 soft boiled eggs and 2 pieces of toast with peanut butter (and sometimes put honey).  Occasionally, I will have fruit when we have it and also have coffee (although I only had it once this week as I am trying to cut caffeine out of my diet).  On one day this week, I was running late for breakfast and only ate a Luna bar (not enough).

Lunch: This is also usually very similar.  I bake my own bread every few days (or every day when my boyfriend is not out of town-we go through a whole loaf in a day!).  I eat a sandwich.  This week, I had a mix of peanut butter and pineapple preserves and hummus and chicken sandwiches. I also eat a piece of fruit (this week, an orange) and a few times, a Luna bar.

Dinner: I am usually very healthy, but I have had a lot of different things going on this week.  I had a sandwich one night, chicken, a hamburger from an organic restaurant (and I really can’t remember the other nights).

As far as snacking, I keep Luna bars and shot blocks around to keep my energy up.  I tend to let myself eat whatever my body craves (within reason-if my body is craving a chocolate cake, I am most likely not going to eat it!).  I think this is one of the best ways to tell if you are getting what you need.

Next week, I want to focus on eating more nuts as snacks and change up the bars from Luna back to Mojo.  This past summer, I had given up eating meat and really enjoyed it (and still very rarely eat anything other than chicken or fish).  I think this summer, I would also like to give up meat again.  I plan on slowly weaning myself off of it and making sure I am getting enough protein from other sources.  If any of you have a hectic workout routine and have good advice for alternative protein sources, please share it with me!  When the season starts, I will be continuing this routine, as well as spending the entire day on the beach working!

3 Comments on “Week 2

  1. Almost forgot…the protein. Dont know how many grams you want a day for what you are doing. I use chicken, fish (you already mentioned) egg whites, shrimp, scallops, tuna fish (albacore) Kidney and Black beans. Other smaller sources I use daily are string cheese, cottage cheese, almonds and seeds. Might look at the protein shakes. Whey protein with Isolate pre and post workout work for me. Good quality powder stuff will have some amino acids in it as well to help aid in your recovery time. I mix the powders half and half with smart balance no fat milk with the Omega 3s and water for an extra 10 grams of protein but not necessary. Bananas and brown rice really helps give some kick to the shakes and egg whites. Never tried Tofu but say its a good source for protein as well. Just in case you might find it helpful…some fruit like blue berries, cantaloupe, and watermelon helped me with the soreness post workout the following day along with rolling out some of the tender spots.

  2. Eo, Good stuff Lene, saw you were doing some new work out routines on the facebook and it seems like it is working out well for you. Keep on going, you have a partner so that is already great motivation to push each other. One thing I have learned is never let anything become to easy, because essentially you have a plateau. Everything past this point will be extremely hard to improve upon, minute increases in either better times, more reps, more weight. But just keep on pushing.

    I might have missed it, but I would add 5 – 10 minutes of jump roping. It can be extremely dynamic and you can have fun with the rope. Jump on one leg, criss cross, jump from side to side like you are skiing moguls, run jump, and you can always speed up and slow down your pace. Trust me your legs and arms will yell at you.

    As for swimming, if you are looking for more than just endurance here are some suggestions.

    50m x 10 sprint crawl
    100m x 5 sprint crawl
    100m x 5 sprint crawl with float
    75m x 8 sprint pull (with float), kick (with board), swim (crawl) Its all a sprint (much like a tri, but in the water)
    Mini pyramids 50, 100, 200, 100, 50 sprint crawl with or without float

    Breathing Exercises

    50m x 10 sprint crawl ( do not breath on the way down, breath once after your kick turn and go all the way down)
    25m x 4 swim underwater without breathing

    This is pretty difficult at first, but you will notice the progress.

    If you do not know already, learn how to properly do the fly and backstroke and do IM sets.

    you can do

    100m x 10 IMs all day long sprinting

    Devote a set to just kicking with a board, do

    50m x 5 kicking head above board
    50m x 5 kicking head below board

    key with swimming is diminishing your rest periods and decreasing your times. Its definitely not easy, but keep going.

    One thing with kiteboarding, is obviously your core works a ton while doing so, to improve your core, doing abs, is sometimes not enough alone. Incorporating your exercises with core stability will add another dimension to your work outs.

    For example, grab a big ball and while you are doing bicep curls, kneel down on the ball and balance, same can be done for instance with a half ball and doing half squats. Really you can just add the ball for anything.

    Funny, food wise, I could say we almost eat exactly the same way, lol. I have usually 2 eggs either scrambled or over easy with two pieces of toast and a banana. Or I have a bowl of cereal with a banana. Orange Juice is my friend. I stopped using milk in the morning and use Almond milk, Love it, and recommend it.

    For lunch I have a sandwich also (usually turkey, hummus, mustard, tomato, and a piece of cheese),I try to vary the sides from almonds (love almonds), dried cranberries, non fat cottage cheese, carrots, or pretzels. Usually add another banana and or yogurt.

    Dinner, is usually a piece of chicken, pork, fish, meat with some veggies to complement whatever it maybe. A fruit after dinner or a yogurt.

    Don’t know if you use protein shakes, tons of stuff out there. I keep it simple and use GNC 100 percent whey protein, add 1 serving to 1 cup of almond milk. Delicious and energizing.

    I usually do not have to snack to often, but when I do, I try and make it either banana or some sort of fruit. I do have on occasion a cereal bar (blueberry or something) or a cliff bar. I have read often though that soy protein while protein just is not as good and too much is never a good thing. Then again, I am sure there is literature for other point as well. I find though a banana loaded potassium is one of the best energy boosters out there.

    I do not calorie count, but I feed my body as necessary, and find that the best route for me.

    Cool site, I will have to keep tabs on your progress.

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