The Crosstraining Athlete

In preparation for our season and in the spirit of becoming better athletes, Mike Campanaro and I have embarked on a new fitness routine.  Instead of the same exercises in the gym EVERY day…we have incorporated cycling, swimming, boxing and weight lifting (as well as some new workouts that you will see soon) to improve our fitness.

As we work out each week, I will record what we do and post it every Monday.  Follow us and see what we are up to!



15.59 mile bike, average of 14.5 mph, 1:04:12 time

Circuit Lift focusing on total body (including abdominal exercises in between each set); goal: keep heart rate elevated



400 meter warm up

200 meter breast stroke

200 meter “pulls”

200 meter paddles

400 meters sprints (50 meter intervals)

200 meter cool down



Bike ride 17.34 miles, average 15 mph, 1:09:01 (time)

Riding out to Tybee!

Lift: Chest, triceps, legs (ab exercises in between each set)




600 meter warm up

600 meter breast stroke

5 minute water tread with 6 pound weight

200 meter submerged breath deprivation

200 meter freestyle breath deprivation

400 meter “pulls” (no arms)


My workout buddy left town for Disney…so…. 4 hours kiteboarding!!!!


Rest day


Rest Day


It was a good week overall.  I hurt my knee longboarding on Tuesday.  I fell on cobblestone going around a square and ended up with a few nice scrapes, bad bruising and swelling!  I iced it every night during the week, but it still caused me some trouble. I need to do some research on good snacks to be eating.  I get really hungry when I am working out a lot and I feel like I need to be eating more throughout the day instead of getting REALLY hungry and eating a lot at once!

I am also having some issues with getting dizzy.  I rarely get my heart rate up “fast”, usually just elevated, but I notice some issues riding the bike.  When I am getting the dizziness (I have a bad history of head injuries, so I am really careful), I just back off a bit.  It is discouraging to me that this bothers me cycling.  I have given up on running because it is such an issue.  I will definitely just need to work through it because I don’t want to not be able to do it!

Next week, look for us to have a more detailed recording of what we did!

One Comment on “The Crosstraining Athlete

  1. Hey! This is great! Can you also post what you are eating and why. Always interesting to learn from what some one else is doing. Ive been on this journey for 4 months now. Its life changing.

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