Supershinn, Photograph by Talin Bolen

Actual conversation:

Me: “You definitely need to get a Supershinn.”

John Doe: “I know.  I want one.  Do I get a cape with it?”

It’s more than just a Shinn, it’s a SUPERSHINN!  The name of the board pretty accurately represents both its appearance and performance on the water.

I was a little skeptical of this board at first.  Despite having ridden the other boards in the Shinn line (and being impressed by all of them), the hype behind this board seemed to promise something totally different.  It doesn’t matter what you say about a board, it’s all about how it feels.  The first time I rode the Supershinn, the only words that came to my head were “like butter”!  It felt so smooth!

 I had come from riding a 130×40 Shinn Toyboy as my main board.  With it’s smaller size and flexible tips, riding the toyboy was a much different experience when compared with the Supershinn.  Because of the hydro-flo technology, the board needed to be longer in order to perform the way it was intended.  I felt like that additional length on the boards would prevent me from being able to hold it down when overpowered.  It was quite the opposite experience.  Most of my time on the board was actually with a 135×41 and I barely noticed the difference!  Though I was overpowered at times, I held it down just as well as I had my smaller board!

This board has POP.  Lots of pop.  Did I mention that it really POPS out of the water?  The first time coming off of the water with this board surprised me!  It felt like I was stepping off the water. 

Photograph by Talin Bolen

 While the stiffer tips give me the pop I was looking for, the board is still forgiving when I am not as technical as I should be with a trick.  While stiffer boards can sometimes give you a hard landing, the supershinn lands softly (basically your knees’ best friend). 

I have tested this board in everything from the butter flats to waves.  This board excels in the flats, but it isn’t limited to that!  I have a lot of fun taking this board out in the waves and playing!  When you take it

John on the Supershinn

into the chop, it won’t have as smooth of a ride as the Monk or Toyboy.  I wouldn’t rule the board out for this as it still holds its own above other boards in the chop!

I would be doing an injustice if I didn’t touch on the new pads and straps!  If you hadn’t noticed, this board has a different pad and strap set than the other boards.  While Mark says he only changed the aesthetics of the board, it certainly doesn’t feel that way!  The graphics on the strap changed slightly, and the pad has the Shinn “S” (also called “S traction”!).  The pads and straps have been combined into a single unit (basically, you will never see the screw).  Other than the visual changes, these are the same amazing straps you find on the other boards.  It feels like you are putting your foot in a slipper!  The memory foam was a great decision when developing this board line.

While some freestyle boards get a little technical for the beginner rider, I wouldn’t rule this board out for those riders.  They certainly won’t get all of the performance out of the board at first, but they will love it and certainly grow into it!  For intermediate to pro, this is definitely the board to ride.  It gives you high performance with that style that only a Shinn board can give you!

Where do I get one?…Dealers

Photography courtesy of Talin Bolen

Tybee Island, photograph by Talin Bolen

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