The Toyboy

A Toyboy and a Fuel, a perfect match

My first impression of the Toyboy was “Wow! What a pretty board!”  If you’re a girl and a kiteboarder and you haven’t tried out the Toyboy, you are missing out on a truly high performance board.  As the dedicated women’s board in the Shinn line, this board isn’t just another version of a different board in the line with flowers on it! Men and women are different (hopefully I didn’t surprise anyone there!).  Our different weight distribution (and weight in general) as well as our size and other factors justify at least trying a women’s specific board.

The first real impression anyone gets of a board is the pads and straps.  This was the first Shinn board I rode and, having come from Underground and Slingshot boards, I had always struggled with pads and straps that were both uncomfortable and too big.  All of the Shinn boards have memory foam built in, so it felt more like putting on a slipper than a kiteboard.  The straps are sized down to fit a girl’s smaller foot and the memory foam really forms to your foot and gives you a “locked in” feeling. After a few hours of riding, I feel just as comfortable as I did when I started.  Let’s face it, women often spend so much time wearing uncomfortable shoes that the last place I want that is on the water!

The toyboy will be your one stop board for everything!  I took the 130×40 in everything from 10 -50 knots and it did amazing!  I had not previously ridden a board with so much flex.  I was surprised by my ability to go out and ride in those light wind days on such a small board when others were out on bigger kites and bigger boards and still struggling.  Adversely, it held it’s own in those crazy winds as well!  The flex allows you to really carve in and hold down a lot of power!

A concern with a board with this moulding is that it might lose a little of the pop that a stiffer board gets.  This was certainly not the case.  Not only does it get a lot of pop, but it is pretty forgiving when you aren’t as technical as you should be-of course saving not only landings, but knees as well!

Lene trying out the Toyboy in the waves

The spot where I ride in Tybee Island ranges from butter flat to nasty chop to waves.  I prefer riding in the flats, but this board doesn’t limit me to those conditions.  It cuts through the chop really nicely, making for a much more enjoyable ride.  If you’re the kind of person sticking to the twin tip in the waves, it does fantastic!

Girl (or guy who also loves an amazing board and doesn’t mind the graphics!)?  High Performance? Beginner-Pro?  It is definitely worth your while to take a spin on the Shinn Toyboy!

Jumping off the sandbar on the South End

One Comment on “The Toyboy

  1. I really think this is the best women’s board on the market. There is no compromise in performance. I think it gives women riders the respect they deserve.

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