East Coast Paddleboarding Tours

Paddleboard AOK

East Coast Paddleboarding Tours

by Lene Baxter

Beautiful flat water, dolphins, sunrise, clear blue sky, empty beaches, salty air…and paddleboards make for an incredible experience.  This past season, I have spent several days a week on the water either with Mike or John, the owners at All Out Kiteboarding, or with water lovers looking to explore the area                                                                                             around Tybee.

Our tours give the customer a unique, fun experience.  I’d like to briefly share an account of a tour I took with a customer on his second time out with us.  He came in to schedule his second tour and booked a morning tour with his daughter.  Mike and I arrived at the shop at 5:30 am!  Waking up that early and driving from Savannah to Tybee Island to paddleboard was definitely difficult to do!  Once we arrived at AOK, we loaded the boards and drove them out to the beach.  As Mike and I carried the boards to the beach, it was still dark out.  Right before dawn, the beach is empty and completely peaceful.  It was amazing to be out there at the start of the new day and I was definitely glad I woke up that early.  Once our two customers arrived, we hit the water.  They had taken a tour with us before, and consequently, could stand up right away on the paddleoards!  It is always a great feeling to see people enjoying a sport that you introduced them to!  On our way out to Little Tybee, the pod of dolphins that frequents the back river came to see us.  The dolphins have become more and more friendly this season.  They will now come very close to us as we paddleboard.  It provides everyone a great view of the pod and a truly unique experience!  After 25 years of living on the coast, I am still equally excited every time I come into contact with dolphins!  Just imagine a beautiful sunrise, flat water, and just us out in the back river!  As we came closer to Little Tybee, the dolphins left us, but it was an equally breathtaking view of Little Tybee.  Coming around the tip onto the ocean side makes you feel completely alone!  We were able to paddle out to the breakers and we went paddle surfing.  With the waves that come to Tybee and Little Tybee, paddleboards are a good board choice for the area.  After surfing for a while, we headed back to our launch point on the south end of Tybee Island.  We all had a lot of fun and it was a perfect way to start off the day!

I know this sounded incredible and now you’re curious about all of this…!  At AOK Watersports, we do 1, 2 and 3.5 hour tours.  It is a lot of fun for everyone!  The tours include a lesson, so you don’t have to know how to paddleboard.  I’ll be excited to see everyone on the water!

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